Welcome to the Alcohol Issues Knowledge Center. We provide online learning for NGO:s, decision makers and activists who want to engage in development through alcohol prevention.

Alcohol industry products and methods are through their multiple health, social and economic harms, alcohol is a massive obstacle to sustainable human development, adversely affecting all three dimensions of development and reaching into all aspects of society.

Alcohol adversely affects 14 out of 17 SDGs and a total of 54 targets and is specifically mentioned in SDG 3 on health and well-being.

The Alcohol Issues Knowledge Center – a learning platform for alcohol prevention – is an initiative from the IOGT-NTO Movement and Movendi International, produced partly with support from ForumCiv. We offer courses in English and Swedish (switch language to see our courses in Swedish). The platform is new, meaning that the range of courses is still limited. We expect the number of courses to grow in coming months.


Alcohol Policy Fundamentals

This course has been created for anyone interested in learning more about basic alcohol policy principles. You will learn about important principles behind evidence based alcohol policies, such as the total consumption model and the prevention paradox. You will also learn about alcohol harm and the strategies that the alcohol industry use to interfere against effective, life-saving alcohol policies.


Alcohol as an obstacle to development


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